Which is Better 3 Season or 4 Season Sunroom Addition?

Four Season Sunroom Addition


How was it he said that? “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” So here maybe it depends on what the meaning of ‘better’ is. Is cheaper better, or less cost better? Or is warmer in the winter better, is cooler in the summer better? Is being able to use a sunroom addition year around better?  Now if you ask 2 different general contractors their opinion, you’ll get two different answers so this is our experience.

Kitchen Sunroom Addition
Sunroom Addition For The Kitchen

Probably 95% of our work relating to a sun room has been either building a four season sun room, or changing a 3 season sunroom to a 4 season sunroom. One of the 3 season sun rooms we worked on as general contractors, but didn’t change to a four season sunroom, the owner sure wished they could use it in the winter time. We put in a four season sunroom addition ourselves and we spend most of our relaxing time out there. We begin the day there and end the day out there.

So in general this contractors’ experience has been that a 4 season sunroom is better even if better costs more, you soon forget about the cost when you can set there in the middle of the winter and look out at the cold and enjoy the nice view.

Sunrooms|Sun Rooms

Considering a Sunroom Addition?

Adding a sunroom onto a home is a unique way to spend more time outside. It is the perfect place to retire to when you want to relax and read a book. You get to enjoy the calming feeling of the great outdoors without having to deal with annoying things like bugs and weather. Of course, the windows of a sunroom can cause the electric bill to rise during the summer, which is understandable as a sunroom is nothing but windows. To reduce this problem, the best thing to do is get windows that are tinted or made out of a type of glass that will help to improve the amount of insulation the window provides.

Getting a sunroom addition is great for people who really like to curl up outside and read a book, but do not want to worry about the bugs and the sweat that comes with the heat. When considering where to put the sunroom, you want to think about what part of your home gets the most light. In the general sense, it is best to face the sunroom to the south as that is where the most sun is going to be received throughout the day. You want to consider what type of frame your sunroof is going to have. Vinyl frames are one of the best options as they are cheap, durable, and provide a good amount of insulation, which is very important during the hot summer days that you enjoy inside your sunroom.

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Remodel Addition | Home Renovation

Smart Details that Bring Continuity to the Home Remodel Addition

There are many home additions that just don’t fit well with the overall home. Often, people can tell these additional rooms are afterthought designed to provide more space. But there are some things that can be done to address this issue. Many times, it is the details that provide a fluidity from the home into the addition.

One of the details that makes a home addition look like an addition is the flooring. Flooring is one of those visual aspects that establishes a flow from one side of the home to the other. So, incorporating the same flooring in the home remodel addition brings a visual continuity to the home. The flooring often makes the rooms feel less like an addition and more like it was part of the home.

Another detail that is essential for adding continuity is keeping the same trim work throughout the home. This means adding crown moldings if they are in all of the other rooms. It also means keeping the same style of window, door trims and the same type of baseboards. By keeping things the same, people are less likely to notice the difference between the addition and the rest of the house.

Little details can make a huge difference in whether a room is seen as a home addition or as a natural part of the home when it was built. By incorporating the same details in the home addition, you provide a visual continuity that ties the addition into the rest of the home.

Garage Builders | Garage Addition

Work with Garage Builders who Know How the Layout For Your Garage Addition Should Really Work

Garages have evolved into a multipurpose room. They serve as a place to work, store extra items, a workout space, a band practice space and a number of other things than just parking cars. Thus when you establish a layout, you should think about what you use the garage addition for.

One of the first things you need to determine is how much space you need for each use. For example, a gym requires a certain amount of space for each piece of equipment. You also need room to maneuver the free weights. A workshop table and tools require their own area. You also need to have some room to work at the table. A car needs a certain amount of room. So, you should calculate these space requirements into your garage addition plans.

Once you have figured out the space you need, you can configure the layout of your items to get the most use out of that space. This requires planning where things will go and where they are the most convenient to access. It helps to view some already drawn layouts so that you get an idea of how things will work. As garage builders, we utilize drawing tools to give you a visual representation of how to lay things out in the most useful manner.

The space you have and the layout are critical components for organization and ensuring you get the most use out of your garage. While it is still a place to park cars, there are a lot more things that it is used for. As professional garage builders, we can assist you with all the important details.

Custom Decks | Porch Additions

Custom Decks and Porch Additions?

Custom decks will significantly enhance the functional living space of any home. They can be used to connect with an outdoor swimming pool or just to add a convenient place for grilling meals and cooking out. This is a much more attractive option than standing in the yard, especially if it has been raining and is still muddy. The chance to sit outside on comfortable evenings to enjoy conversation with friends and family has no substitute. This is the best way to enjoy the breeze and watch the sunset in a way that is just not possible from indoors. A creative design will be nice to look at as well as use and will bring a lot more status and prestige to a family.

Building porch additions is another one of the best ways to add value to your home. This makes it a smart investment and it will give the family more ways to enjoy their living spaces. A deck or porch that is custom-built can have any features that the family will find most interesting. This is the perfect chance to add a balcony to a second-floor bedroom, with stairs to a lower section, or the ground. Some people find a small gazebo can be tied into the deck to have a covered area that is out of the sun. Those who want to go all out might choose to have a hot tub installed with a customized gazebo as a shelter so it can be used all year in any kind of weather. A porch addition gives you outdoor options that are covered all the time. We are professional deck builders as well as porch builders that know how t6o build the right sized porch for your house that will give it that WOW look!

Bathroom Remodeler Projects

The Advantages Of Working With A Bathroom Remodeler

An experienced bathroom remodeler is the key to one of the most important home improvement projects. Everyone has to use the bathroom at sometime and it is an essential area for grooming. When a bathroom features robust decorating, it will be more attractive to family and visitors. Certain elements are particularly effective fr bathroom remodeling, including vanities or basin and pedestal combination. It is not difficult to create an all new appearance for bathroom with strategic changes to light fixtures, faucets, colors for the wall paint, and unique designs for shower stalls. Glass is becoming a more common feature for these enclosures, but the greatest opportunity might be to choose a rich and elegant type of tile and a unique pattern. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

A variety of creative features can be included by a bathroom remodeler to make any project more functional. Built-in shelves in a shower or a custom-built cabinet for a vanity are always possible. For a decadent bathing experience, adding a second shower head or hand-held fixture will make relaxing in a warm shower after a long day a delight. Using unique lighting products, like pot lights in the shower will turn it into an elegant feature. A built-in seat will give those who want to make the most of experience a chance to sit down and enjoy the steam. The bathroom does not have to be just about showering any more, it can be a key resource for helping people relax in an indulgent setting with rich and luxurious materials.

Kitchen Remodeler

 Professional Kitchen Remodeler Projects

Remodeling any room in your home is an exciting endeavor and a potentially frustrating experience at the same time. When it comes to remodeling important spaces in your house like the kitchen, the most important thing to consider is that you don’t end up with a finished product you are unhappy with. This is where a professional kitchen remodeler can make all the difference in the world Too many people have found they’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into remodeling their kitchens only to finally see the product of those efforts turn into something they simply can’t stand. There are three major mistakes that cause dissatisfaction with a finished kitchen remodel:

  • A do it yourself-er took on a bit more than they could handle. There’s a lot of technical work that goes into remodeling a kitchen. If you’re the do it yourself type and you’re not well versed in the many aspects that go into a product of this nature, it may be best not to take matters into your own hands.
  • A contractor took on a job they weren’t prepared for. Lack of experience or proper tools can result in a bad outcome, even for a contractor claiming to be a professional.
  • You made design or material decisions that didn’t pan out. You may have thought you would love that new tile floor but now that it’s installed, you can’t stand the sight of it! A quality kitchen remodeler will be on top of what really looks right in your kitchen setting.

Do yourself a favor if you’ve never remodeled a kitchen before, or you know it’s more than you can handle on your own. Seek out the services of a well qualified and experienced kitchen remodeler  to help you in making sure everybody will be happy with the finished product.