4 Types Of Home Renovation: Which Ones Boost the Home Value?

Home renovation is not simply an add-on to your loving home—it actually means a higher value for your property when it comes time to sell it. Now selling your house probably isn’t on your mine right now, but you always want to remember, “A House Is An Investment” so you have the opportunity to improve your investment as you renovate it. A renovated property, devoid of smudge marks on the wall, broken shelves and mould problem will fetch you a higher price when you sell it, right? Well, truly speaking, it depends. Suppose you are living in Iowa and engaged the finest home remodeling service Ames IA, still there is no guarantee that if you spent a fortune on renovating your house, you will end up getting a treasure in return. There is a strategic way of adding value to your house and you need to understand what type of renovation will get you more rewards.

Search on Google for “Professional remodeling contractor Boone IA” and talk to any one of them, you will get different opinions. However, industry standards put four different names to the types of renovation one can do. These are called the Basics, Curb Appeal, Value Added, and Personal Preference. There is a need to understand and categorize all type of renovation tasks in these four categories and choose accordingly.

Now, in this blog, we will understand which one will boost the home value if you are looking to sell your property.

  • The Basics: The basics include basic features of a house that anybody and everybody will look for. Talk about properly functioning plumbing, non-leaky roof, solid floors, and even a working HVAC system. All these can be maintained with small repair jobs and you need not spend exorbitant amount of money to increase the value because they might not get the returns.

  • Curb Appeal: These features, as you work on them, don’t always get too much of monetary value but they help the selling process becoming faster. As clear from the name itself, these features increase the appeal of the property and help in making the decision quicker for a prospective buyer. Things in this type of renovation will include well-maintained lawn, carpets that are clean, fresh paint and even nice-looking fixtures.

    A lot of homeowners add LED lights to make it more design-featured, and some very advanced gadgetry which turns the property into a smart home may also be included in this section.

  • Value Added: Value added features or projects that give you maximum returns include kitchen renovations, new windows and new siding. At the same time, if you have searched on Google for “bathroom remodel Ames Iowa” and find somebody really good to work on your bathroom, it will most likely give you good dividends, along with energy saving features.

  • Personal Preferences: As clear from the name itself, personal preferences are items that you have installed because of your own liking or need. Think of a swimming pool, a wine cellar, ponds, game room, and the likes. Though there is no harm if you have these things in your house but you can expect others to pay for these items separately because they might not like them or need them. So, if you are thinking of spending money to renovate these features, consider carefully.

  • Of Those Four Types of Renovation: Coming from years of living breathing and working in a home remodeling business, there are 4 areas of the house that the general public look for when they’re looking for a house to live in. A nice kitchen is always the most popular. Also a functional and nice clean working bathroom ranks right up there with the kitchen. An attached garage is almost always a must for 95% of the American public. Then windows siding and insulation are critical and important to just about every homeowner and perspective homeowner. These are areas that Addition Doctors focus on because they’re so important to you the home owner. Because we’ve spent so much time improving these areas for our customers, you can trust we’ll continue to make your home addition very comfortable for you. Your home will become hard to separate with until you see the added value you’ve actually built into it when you start talking numbers with a realtor.

    Conclusion: It does not matter what you add to the house unless it has a value for a home—a home needs amenities that will be used by family members and guests and relatives. If you are adding features that are suitable for a guest-house or a hotel, you are actually spending money on a property that may not get the value back because a homeowner will not like to buy a hotel. That’s a separate market there is hardly any need to take up home remodeling projects in that stride.

Finding the Best Remodeling Contractor in Ames, Iowa

Buying a home today is quite expensive considering the increasing cost of homes in the country. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new home, you can always improve what you have. You also increase the value of your home substantially through remodeling and make part of it or all of it more functional. Remodeling a home comes with a lot of benefits including:

  • Significant saving on your money
  • It can be done fast when compared to building a new home
  • Remodeling materials are easy to get today and are affordable
  • Getting a remodeling contractor is accessible and affordable
  • You get a chance to make it right

Getting a right remodeling contractor is not easy though; this is because not all contractors who claim to get the job done will meet the end of their bargain. Here are some of the qualities you should be on the lookout for when hiring one:

  • Expertise: do not settle for a contractor who is just competent in his job but one who is an expert. Competency comes through training, but expertise comes from experience. A right contractor is one who has been doing home remodeling for years. He should be able to prove this by a show of the many projects he has already completed.

  • Reputation: a service provider’s status is everything. Do not settle for what the contractor says but seek to find out what other people say about him or his company. This should be easy to find through reviews and testimonials he has received from his previous customers.

  • Brands: the brand-name of the products that the contractor uses is essential too as this will determine the quality of services you will receive. Check out the list of brands of products, materials, and suppliers the contractor uses, and you will know what to expect in the end.

  • How then do you settle for the best remodeling contractors Ames Iowa?

  • Get recommendations: your friends and family might know of a right contractor you can hire. If not, the National Association of the Remodelling Industry can provide a list of the best contractors in this area. You can talk to a building inspector too. Such inspectors will know the contractors who use quality materials and those who routinely meet the area requirements.

  • Check online: there is a good chance to improve it whether it’s major or minor renovation. These days, many service providers market their products online. You can quickly get a few contractors with a good reputation and strong reviews on the internet. Expert tips that will help you plan, budget and rebuild with the precise implementation of ideas.

  • Conduct interviews: once you have gathered a list, call the prospective contractors and ask specific questions relating to the kind of project you have. Find out if they take your type and size of the project, if they can provide a list of their previous clients, how long they have been in the industry and if they can start right away among other things. Ensure that you investigate the facts.
    Call for a face to face meeting with the best three, and then make plans.

  • There are different kinds of remodeling contractors in Ames, Iowa. You have to dig deeper to find the right one.