How To Get The Best From Your Home Remodeling Contactor

Working well with remodeling contractors Ames Iowa and getting the best out of the home remodeling project requires a diligent effort from the homeowner. This can ensure that the project is accomplished within the right time and the specified budget. Here are a few tips to get the best from your home remodeling contractor.

Get an itemized estimate
Never start the work until the planning is completely done with regard to the list of upgrades, materials and the list of accessories and fittings. Once the entire project is planned well, get an itemized estimate from the home remodeling Ames Iowa contractor. This will help both of you to share the same understanding regarding the scope of the project including the costing and the timeline.

Maintain a good communication
It is a good idea to be on the worksite and talk to the contractor on a regular basis either every morning or before they leave at the end of the day. Sometimes at the end of the day works best, then they can update you on the most recent progress. With your busy work schedule, it also works to make appointments that both of you can meet for a progress report from the contractor. You must have the contractor’s number and the permission to call or text them anytime there is a need. It is also a good idea to meet with the project leader every day to stay updated on the developments.

Maintain a project journal
Record the progress of the work as it progresses. Make note of the things you will want to ask the contractor. Jot down the ideas and points that come to your mind. List out any mistakes or issues that you might notice to be reported to the contractor. Make a note of the product order numbers and the upcoming delivery dates. Project journal can help keep the communications clear and can provide a written record of who said what and when to be able to solve the disputes if any during the progress of the works.

Make the payment only for the work completed
In the beginning of the remodeling project, make a schedule of payments and get it signed by the contractor. Addition Doctors has this written up in the contract so payment is made according to the progress. Your payment should be determined by the stages of work when certain aspects of the whole job is completed. Never agree for more than 10% upfront before the start of the work. Most contractors can get the supplies on credit and hence this need not be a problem for them.

Be a good customer
The best way to get the total involvement of the contractor is to maintain a good relationship with the General Contractors Ames Iowa who is working on your project. This will make them enjoy the work and give their best. Be decisive with the contractor and be prompt with the payment schedule.


Home Improvements You Must Not Forget Before Selling Your Home

The time always comes to sell your home. Whatever be the reason behind this decision, you want to get a great return on your hard earned investment. Beyont top dollar for your asking price is a good price to aim for. Do these home improvements with the help of a professional home remodeling company before you initiate the sale so that your home will sell for a top dollar price.

Paint the interiors and exteriors
Painting is perhaps the cheapest of all upgrades you can attempt on your property during home remodeling Ames Iowa which can have a tremendous impact on the prospective buyers. While repainting your home before selling, go for those colors that are popular now. Wallpapers can date the home in a lot of cases. Hence the best idea is to remove it and adding a great paint color scheme that feels good before selling the property.

Improve the exteriors
The home exteriors is the first thing any buyer will see when they come to look at your place. Hence it is important that you keep it appealing, neat and clean. Some easy and inexpensive things to do are; replace all the fencing boards that are missing; clean up the junk accumulated in the yard; mow the grass and remove the weeds. Setting inplace a few live flowers in the beds can add colors and a vibrant look. Even in the winter time, setting some green live color by the front entry does wonders.

Focus on the kitchen
A good kitchen that is spacious and fitted with new appliances is the dream of every homeowner. Carryout all the minor repairs to make the kitchen look more inviting. Ask the remodeling contractors Ames Iowa to improve the lighting, painting and countertops if possible with small investments. However, do not go for a complete kitchen upgrade unless your agent says you can get all the money back from the sale.

Improve your bathroom
A clean and welcoming bathroom is highly essential for a good home. Leaking faucet and running toilet must be rectified. Sometimes, small spending like replacing the toilet cover can help achieve a major impact. Clean or replace the grout altogether as it can become dirty over the years. Replace missing tiles. Remove the wallpaper and accomplish a good painting work. Brighter, spacious and cleaner bathroom with the most essential accessories can help land on a profitable deal during your home sale.

Work on the functional aspects
Examine every small detail of the property with an objective critical eye. Ensure everything works as it should from small door knobs to bigger components like the garage door. Though no home buyer will expect everything to be new, the functional aspects must be in a good working condition so that your home sale can etch you a good price.

Avoid These Mistakes While Remodeling Your Bathroom

Whether you embark on a residential bathroom remodeling project just to replace the old vanity or renovate the whole bathroom, the project can turn out to be an expensive one. Hence you must approach the whole mission with enough forethought and planning. Here are a few most common bathroom remodeling mistakes you must avoid.

Overlooking the bathroom fan
Neglecting the bathroom fan is a big mistake most homeowners do while undertaking a bathroom upgrade. Many homeowners probably aren’t aware of the great improvement in the quietness and efficiency of bathroom fans now. There’s nothing more annoying than a noisy fan. Sometimes a noisy fan is a sign your existing fasn is on it’s last leg. Of course, these aren’t the easiest to replace, because ceiling work is usually needed done to do it right, but if you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel, you certainly want to include a new efficient and quiet fan in the remodel.

Not going without a proper plan
While jumping into a bathroom remodeling project, most people think they can just jump into the project without planning and decide things on the move. This is a grave mistake that can land you on unnecessary expenses and can ruin the very purpose of the bathroom renovation. With the help of a good a bathroom remodeling contractor Boone IA, sketch out a neat plan before demolition and plan the budget and materials beforehand.

Not being realistic about the actual cost
Never move forward with an expensive bathroom remodeling project when you do not have enough cash/financing in hand. This will force you to cut corners in the end and leave you with an unfinished and shabby upgrade that you probably won’t enjoy and won’t get the full resale value from it. Get a realistic number in your hand with the help of a Professional Home Remodeling company like Addition Doctors and stick to the budget on the move, of course having something extra to cover the unexpected expenses on the way is a smart plan.

Not keeping on top of small mistakes
While the renovation progresses, it is advisable to fix mistakes then and there. For instance, a tile that does not flush or a door that rubs when it closes must be rectified before the contractor has completed the project. Don’t settle for thinking that you can live with it. Such mistakes can keep bothering you for a long and can equally bother other people too. Normally these issues are made right by a good contractor, but it doesn’t hurt to have a watchful eye on the progress as it unfolds.
Not focusing till the end
Though most people commence the remodeling enthusiastically in the beginning, they lose focus towards the end of the project. It’s important to follow the project all the way through so there’s no surprises at the end. Overcome the tendency to rush through the project and then try to change or fix everything at the end. Again, a quality contractor like Addition Doctors keeps on top of the project, and keeps it moving all the way through, but the home owner keeping in touch all the way through with the contractor is important also.


How to Land on Some Innovative Ideas to Remodel Your Home

Home remodeling is an exciting decision. The benefits of home remodeling can range over enhancing the looks, comforts, utility features and also the resale value. Hence every homeowner is naturally enthusiastic about trying a lot of remodeling ideas provided they have access to the necessary funds. When it comes to remodeling, ideas are everything. The success of a custom remodeling Boone IA project will ultimately depend on the innovative ideas you evolve before giving a start to the project. Here are a few points that will guide you to land on innovative home remodeling ideas.

Focus on the functional aspects
The most important aspect when it comes to home remodeling is how far it can help enhance the functional value of the home. Every home must feature enough space for everyone and enough facilities for every activity. When you remodel, evaluate whether the facilities at home are adequate to meet the needs of every individual. When you approach home remodeling with innovative thoughts, you can make the whole project fun, highly practical and give you a space that you will never like to leave. Sit with a good addition contractor Boone IA and generate some great ideas for your home remodeling project.

Use the space cleverly
When you find shortage of space for some chores or would like to add one or more rooms, you can think of making use of the space you already have at your disposal. Creating a two tier arrangement at some sections, using the spaces under kitchen sinks and stairs, cleaver use of space at the basement or the two story foyer are all some great ways to enhance the space inside your home and accommodate new functions and utility features.

Think of some water features
Water features can make some inspiring additions to your home. Though everyone cannot afford a basement pool made of glass, water features need not be expensive. Aquariums are very interesting additions. It is not necessary to put them always in the corner of a living room. In some homes, they have their coffee tables on aquariums. Have a removal section to feed the fish and clean the tank. We have the ability and experience to suggest innovative ideas before you give shape to some interesting water features. Addition Doctors has done some exterior water features, and our clients find these to be very relaxing and entertaining for the whole family. These can be done so they’re kid friendly and safe. You know how much kids LOVE water!

Make the whole experience fun and mysterious
Often it is possible to think off the track so that you innovate something new with regard to your home remodeling. More than being practical or serious or eye-appealing, you can also choose something that is fun. Some interesting elements in these lines can be converting a bed into an entertainment pod, circular bookshelf room, adding a slide to the staircase and many others that will be rarely thought of in a conventional home remodeling project. In this way you can add more fun elements and surprise others. While searching for home remodeling companies near me, do some research to find the best companies that can do a great job on your home remodeling project. Addition Doctors would love to work with you on your next project!

What You Must Do Before and After Home Remodeling for the Best Results

When you embark on a home remodel or just a bathroom remodel Ames Iowa project, you must make informed decisions so that you get the best results out of the project. It is important that you plan well and proceed systematically step by step so that you do not waste your hard earned money while landing on the desired results. Also, know that not all home remodel projects are good investments. If your renovation is not planned well and if you end up making a mess out of it, you lose rather than gain out of the investment you made. Here are a few points to note before and after a home remodel project.

It’s easy to underestimate the cost of home remodeling
When you wish to take up a home remodel project, you are on the right track to enhance the comforts and looks of your property besides increasing its resale value. A home remodel project is a tricky one that involves several aspects and different kinds of expenditures. Hence it’s very wize to work with a general remodeling contractor Boone IA so that you get the right guidance on preparing the budget and to ascertain if the project can happen within the stipulated budget. Addition Doctors will be able to give you an accurate estimate for the project you have in mind.

Do not over-renovate the house
Most people believe that spending a lot of money on high-end finishes is the only way to enhance the value of the property. While talking about enhancing from the resale point of view, know that home renovation can never give 100% returns over the investments. That said, there’s something about remodeling to satisfy your current needs that goes beyond the standard return of investment. Sometimes, a well-planned simple renovation can give high returns that you can feel happy about. When you talk to a bathroom improvement contractor, get to know what will help get the best out of the project so that your groundwork is on the right track with your renovation project.

Do the groundwork to set the realistic budget
Approach a handful of remodeling contractors Ames Iowa and get multiple quotes so that you can compare between them and land on a reliable picture of how to approach the project and how much you must have at your disposal for the successful completion of the items you wished for. Never compare your remodeling projects with some glamorous home remodeling pictures you find on the internet or in the media. Reflect on what you wish to achieve from the project and what problems your renovation project can help fix. Answering these questions can get a better idea of how to plan well for the home renovation project at hand.

Proceed slowly and systematically
Hurrying with your home renovation project can end up landing you on blunders. First, waiting patiently can leave you with enough money you save for the home renovation project. Secondly, it will give some time to work with new ideas and gather enough information and resources to make a good start. Remember, your over-enthusiasm can add debt rather than value. Whether you take up the bathroom remodel Ames Iowa or the whole home remodeling project, you must always take informed decisions by doing enough research so that you get what you really wanted and what will actually help enhance the resale value of the property. Don’t hesitate to use Addition Doctors as a great sounding board for your ideas. Feel free to contact us at any phase of you planning stages.

Do Home Renovation and Remodel Mean the Same Thing?

When you wish to remodel or renovate your house, the objectives behind the decision can be many. In the first place, a well-planned and cleverly executed home renovation or remodeling project can enhance the comforts, looks and utility features and the resale value of the property. Nevertheless, you must approach the home renovation or remodeling in the right way to get the desired results and not lose your hard earned money unnecessarily during the process. Home renovation and remodeling are two popular terms we come across in a lot of articles, discussions and blogs on the internet. Strangely enough most people confuse these terms with each other and think they both mean the same thing. Here we try to understand the difference between the terms renovation and remodel.

What is common between them?
Both remodeling and renovation mean making some improvements over the existing property. Nevertheless, they are slightly different from each other in terms of what they imply.

Understanding home renovation
The term home renovation refers to restoring the home to a good state by attempting some repairs and rectifications. Poorly maintained buildings and dilapidated constructions will need renovation. Hence we might say renovation will mean resurrect a structure from its deteriorated state to a state of disrepair. There’s no better way to maintain and enhance the value of your home than by a renovation.

Often renovations can be subtle. They might mean either improving upon or repairing on the existing building or house. Sometimes, they can also be drastic or elaborate like a remodel. A project involving renovation will always refer to restoring or repairing a structure that is already existing. It means replacing the old one with a new one better in many regards.

Understanding home remodeling
Remodel will plainly mean changing the existing structure of something. When you look forward to embark on a custom home remodeling Boone IA, you are attempting to change the structure of the property. In case of a bathroom remodel Ames Iowa project, remodeling will mean repairing or updating it to enhance the functionality, features, comfort aspects or looks. Such a project will mean repairing or updating it. Remodels generally involve changing the appearance, function or structure of a segment or the whole of the given property. Remodeling in other terms will mean transforming a building or home.

Why must you know the difference?
When you embark on a home renovation or remodeling project, you must know the difference between these terms so that you have a good sense of clarity while approaching the various aspects of the project. When you interact with the addition contractor Boone IA, you will be able to communicate your expectations without any ambiguity. The costs associated with each type of construction are different. The knowledge about the difference between remodeling and renovation can help approach the home selling in the right way by phrasing your advertisement with the right words to attract the buyer.

Approach the home renovation or remodeling project in the right way
Search for the best home remodeling companies near me on the internet to find the right firm who will do a great job on your home renovation or remodeling project. Communicate what you look for from the project and get multiple quotes to be able to choose the right one for your needs. Remember to let Addition Doctors help you with your next home remodeling project!

Overcoming Challenges in a Remodeling Project

If you are contemplating on a home improvement project, you are on the right track to enhance the comforts and conveniences and get your home a trendy place to live in. also, a renovated home will sell well in the market for top dollars giving you a winning edge over the other homes put up for sale. Whatever be the objective of your home renovation project, you will have to approach the project in the right way so that you get the best out of your cherished mission.

Finding the right people
The crucial first step in a home renovation project is to find the right addition contractor Boone IA to work on your project. By searching for home remodeling companies near me, you must be able to find a handful of options to choose from. The popular search engines have made local search easier than ever for you letting you find the perfect custom home remodeling Boone IA company with ease. Never the less, the choice of a general remodeling contractor Boone IA must always follow a thorough consideration of the expertise, experience level and the reviews of their existing customers. Once you have found the right people, follow these tips to overcome the challenges of a home remodeling project.

Deciding where to start
When you wish to go for a major home renovation project, you might have difficulties in identifying where to start. The confusion could be whether to start with the interior of your home and then work with the living room, bedrooms or the kitchen. Will it be good to take up a major landscape renovation or will you rip down the outdated and dirty vinyl sliding to install something that looks great – can be some questions you might face. If there are too many items in your home renovation project, you might get overwhelmed. Hence before making a beginning, you must spend some time sitting with yourself or a family member to list down all those items that must be renovated and arrange them by the order of priority.

Making the budget
The next crucial thing for a home renovation or bathroom remodels Ames Iowa project is the budget you will allow. Depending on how much you can afford to spend the time being on the home renovation project, you must reprioritize the items you will have as part of your home renovation project. During this step, you can take advice from accomplished remodeling contractors Ames Iowa or the bathroom improvement contractor you will choose to work on your project.

Working with the timeline
Many homeowners jump into the project without working on the timeline of how long the project will take to complete. This can be highly stressing in the event your home renovation project is dragging too much. By discussing this issue with your contractor, you can ask for a rough estimate of the time frame of the project you intend to take up. Also, let the contractor mention you about the potential additions and delays that are possible so that you stay prepared for giving more room for the unexpected twists and turns. With the right planning, your home improvement project can be a great success.

Home improvement tools

Home improvement is an exciting as well as challenging mission. When you are set to renovate your home, you will have to first plan well and find out a general remodeling contractor Boone IA. This first step is crucial because the choice of the remodeling contractors Ames Iowa can impact the outcome you can expect from the project.

Make a thorough search
When you look for home remodeling companies near me, you will find a lot of options to narrow down your search. The different sources to choose your best custom home remodeling Boone IA company are online search, referrals from your friends and contacts, and some offline ads. Irrespective of how you find your contractor, you must make sure by working from several angles that the company you choose can do a great job on your home renovation project giving you the desired outcome within your set budget.

Home renovation made easy
Some of the factors that decide on the success of a home remodeling project include a planned approach, deciding well on the goals of the home renovation that will help achieve the desired outcome, a coordinated working between you and the Addition contractor Boone IA, the expertise and experience level of the bathroom improvement contractor and the tools you use for the bathroom remodel Ames Iowa. Here we discuss some of the most wonderful tools available for your home renovation project.

The Ram Rod
Before you install a new item during your home improvement project, you have to take out the old stuff. This is a non-electric tool that can let you break up the old floor tile, brick veneer and concrete patios even without swinging a sledge. The Ram Rod features a spring-powered weight for driving a chisel tip into the tough surface you are required to remove.

Flat Pry Bar
Crescent’s Code Red indexing flat pry bar comes with a pivoting head that can lock into different positions so that you can approach your job from the perfect angle. This will help provide the maximum leverage to you. Also, the adjustable pry bar manufactured by the same company features a sliding jaw that can lock onto the framing components that are stubborn. It can also help in slip-proof wrenching while working with pipes. The equipment has a traditional pry claw for removing bigger nails.

The plier’s wrench
The Pliers Wrench XL is a great tool to avoid the guesswork you might engage in while adjusting the jaws of the tool to fit around an object or a nut. You just have to simply get the jaws closer to the nut or object that you need to work on and squeeze the handles so that the equipment locks around the object with the best pressure. As against the traditional pliers and vise-grips, the jaws of the XL can stay parallel when you operate them for opening or closing. This will rule out the menace of stripped nuts and marred fittings.

Here you go
Approaching your home renovation project like a pro is the best way to get what you want from the project. Though you might not be experienced in this segment, do the right research to find the best home renovation contractors, do the right kind of planning and use the best home improvement tools to succeed in your mission.

Tips to Get the Best from Your Home Remodeling Project in Ames Iowa

The objectives of your home remodeling Ames Iowa project can be anything from giving a facelift to the property or enhancing the comforts and facilities to boosting up the resale value. Whatever be the purpose of your home renovation, it is important that you get the best out of it to justify the huge investment you are making. To this end, the following tips will help you.

List out the improvements you wish to make
This is perhaps the starting point of any home renovation project. Sit with your family and do some brainstorming to prepare a list of improvements you will make. This can take into account the needs and ideas of the family members. Once the exhaustive list is ready, you need to figure out what it will cost to cover all the aspects of the list. If there is a shortage of funds, then you can trim the list by retaining the more important ones and leaving out those that are not that much necessary. Nevertheless, make sure there are 20% extra funds available in the budget to cover the unexpected expenses on the move.

Do some research to find the best contractor
Prepare a list of contractors near you. You can source the information both online and offline. Also, some referrals from your friends and relatives can help you find some good contractors. Once the list is ready, filter the list based on the experience, track record, online reviews, and how much their past clients are satisfied with their work. Based on these aspects, you can shortlist a handful of contractors whom you believe can do a good job on your home renovation project. Now you can contact the shortlisted general contractors Ames Iowa and request each of them to give a quote on the home remodeling work you intend to venture in. it is important that you give all the details pertaining to the project and ask them to take the measurements by inspecting the site.

Work with the quotes you got
Study the quotes from the shortlisted contractors in detail. Make sure the quote is exhaustive and thoroughly descriptive covering all the aspects of the project. This is necessary to be able to compare the different quotes you received. Check if the materials and fixtures used by the contractors are branded ones with necessary warranties. Choose the quote that looks satisfactory while looking from different angles. This will help you find the best general contractors Ankeny IA. Now invite the contractor you have decided to work with and get to understand the areas that need more details. Find out if the payment terms and the timeline of the project are satisfactory to you. If all is well, you can fix the contractor to work on your home renovation project.

Work with the contractor with a good understanding
Right from the start of the project, ensure you have a good understanding with the contractor. Be a part of the project through its different stages so that you ascertain that the project is moving in the right direction. Arrange to release the funds in time as per the agreement made in the quote. Keep track of the timeline of the project. Make the necessary makeshift arrangements necessary during the project execution. With the right approach, you can get the best out of your home renovation project.

Tips to Stay Organized During A Home Remodeling Project

Home remodeling Ames Iowa is an overwhelming mission. It is an accomplishment that gets you many things at once – the excitement of renovating your home, the expenses you may or may not be able to bear and the hassles of managing the project and the make-shift arrangements required for the time being.

Nevertheless, the expected outcome can be highly rewarding and motivating to you that can take you through all these challenges and inconveniences with a smile. Home remodelling is not something that is a part of our everyday chores. Many who have tried it as a DIY venture have ended up saying, it is better you hire the right contractors who are experienced and resourceful so that you get what you want at a fraction of the cost, plus it really does add better resale value when you get a contractor to do it right rather than cutting corners.

Getting started with your home remodelling project
Home remodeling can bring up many legitimate concerns – wanting to sell the property in a better shape, enhancing the conveniences for a more comfortable life, giving a facelift to the property or to accommodate some upcoming lifestyle changes. Whatever be the motive behind your home remodelling, a well-accomplished home improvement project can enhance your living experience significantly besides enhancing the home resale value.

The first thing you will have to do while embarking on a home improvement project is to find the best remodeling contractors Ames Iowa. This is important so that you achieve what you want from the project while saving the hassles and money in the process. In addition, the contractor’s experience and advice can benefit you to fine tune the project and explore ways to enhance the outcome besides bringing down the expenses. With this being said, Addition Doctors is a contractor that knows how to do your remodelling project, so you get maximum resale value in return.

Preparing the site for your home remodelling project
When the actual project takes off, it is a must for you to stay prepared for the extra work you most likely will need to do.

  • Separate all the precious and fragile items and move them to a safe place for the time being. Chinaware, art pieces, photos, electronic items, and other items that can break must be on top of this list.
  • Clear the large items like sofas, cabinets and rugs. It is advisable to remove these items and seal them tight in plastic sheets. Some contractors do this for you with a small additional fee. If your contractor can depute the manpower necessary for this job, it will save you on the hassles.
  • Secure the items from theft or misplacement whether you choose to store them in some part of the worksite or in an altogether different location for the time being. It is important to store prescription drugs, cash, precious items and jewellery in safe deposit boxes.
  • Keeping an open avenue of communication with the contractor as the project evolves is a very important way to stay organized during a home remodeling project.

Plan the project in a micro-level
Spending enough time on the planning before the start of the project covering all the micro details is the key to avoid any misunderstandings with the contractor and develop an unambiguous picture of the whole remodeling project. Take into account all the needs of your family members and see how best you can accommodate them within the project. Make a detailed budget and keep 20% extra cash reserve to cover unexpected emergencies and additions.

Pay attention to the progress of every step of the project
Though you have entrusted the job to General Contractors Ames Iowa like Addition Doctors, you must keep your communication open with the progress of your project as it progresses through the various stages. If you come across some issues or areas to improve, you can talk to the contractor then and there without waiting for things to grow complicated and possibly give way to misunderstandings and hassles. General contractors like Addition Doctors are common people that want to make things right with you and for you, so don’t hesitate to talk with them about your next project.