Avoid These Mistakes While Remodeling Your Bathroom

Whether you embark on a residential bathroom remodeling project just to replace the old vanity or renovate the whole bathroom, the project can turn out to be an expensive one. Hence you must approach the whole mission with enough forethought and planning. Here are a few most common bathroom remodeling mistakes you must avoid.

Overlooking the bathroom fan
Neglecting the bathroom fan is a big mistake most homeowners do while undertaking a bathroom upgrade. Many homeowners probably aren’t aware of the great improvement in the quietness and efficiency of bathroom fans now. There’s nothing more annoying than a noisy fan. Sometimes a noisy fan is a sign your existing fasn is on it’s last leg. Of course, these aren’t the easiest to replace, because ceiling work is usually needed done to do it right, but if you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel, you certainly want to include a new efficient and quiet fan in the remodel.

Not going without a proper plan
While jumping into a bathroom remodeling project, most people think they can just jump into the project without planning and decide things on the move. This is a grave mistake that can land you on unnecessary expenses and can ruin the very purpose of the bathroom renovation. With the help of a good a bathroom remodeling contractor Boone IA, sketch out a neat plan before demolition and plan the budget and materials beforehand.

Not being realistic about the actual cost
Never move forward with an expensive bathroom remodeling project when you do not have enough cash/financing in hand. This will force you to cut corners in the end and leave you with an unfinished and shabby upgrade that you probably won’t enjoy and won’t get the full resale value from it. Get a realistic number in your hand with the help of a Professional Home Remodeling company like Addition Doctors and stick to the budget on the move, of course having something extra to cover the unexpected expenses on the way is a smart plan.

Not keeping on top of small mistakes
While the renovation progresses, it is advisable to fix mistakes then and there. For instance, a tile that does not flush or a door that rubs when it closes must be rectified before the contractor has completed the project. Don’t settle for thinking that you can live with it. Such mistakes can keep bothering you for a long and can equally bother other people too. Normally these issues are made right by a good contractor, but it doesn’t hurt to have a watchful eye on the progress as it unfolds.
Not focusing till the end
Though most people commence the remodeling enthusiastically in the beginning, they lose focus towards the end of the project. It’s important to follow the project all the way through so there’s no surprises at the end. Overcome the tendency to rush through the project and then try to change or fix everything at the end. Again, a quality contractor like Addition Doctors keeps on top of the project, and keeps it moving all the way through, but the home owner keeping in touch all the way through with the contractor is important also.

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