Renovation Nightmare – How to Avoid the Giant in the Room?

Home renovation can be highly exciting as well as nerve-wracking. It is ‘Exciting’ because it can enhance the looks and comfort of your home. It can be ‘nerve-wracking’ as the costs associated with it and the hassles you will face can be scary. However, with the right approach, you can make a home remodelling Ames Iowa interesting and successful. Here is a systematic approach that can help avoid the renovation nightmare.

Plan your objectives
In the first place, jump into the project by listing the objectives in front of you. This means, you must figure out what you wish to achieve from the renovation project. The objectives can be improving the elevation, enhancing the looks, repairing some aspects, adding more comfort and convenience, going trendy, improving the resale value of the property and others. It is important to take into account the needs and expectations of your family members while finalizing the list.

Convert the objectives into specific tasks and modules
Once the list of objectives is ready, you can convert the objectives into specific tasks and modules so that you get a ready reckoner to discuss with the general contractors Ames Iowa and clearly state what jobs are to be accomplished.

Shortlist a few contractors to work with
The next crucial task is to find out the best general contractors Ankeny IA to work with. You can make a list of available options by exploring on the internet, doing a manual search and also taking referrals from friends or contacts.

Get two to three quotes
Once you have shortlisted the contractors to work with, you can give them the details of the tasks you wish to accomplish and ask for quotes. It is good to have the contractors visit your site and understand the jobs clearly in order to give a reliable quote. Getting no more than 3 quotes can immensely helpful in moving with the next important step of the renovation project. You want to remember you want to make this process easier and you’ll find if you go out and get a bunch of estimates, then you’ll have your hands full just trying to decipher and compare apples to apples between all the estimates. Nine times out of ten, you’ll get decent pricing options with a smaller estimate group. By keeping this process to 2-3 bids, you’ll still accomplish what you’re setting out to do and enjoy the process a lot more.

What do you learn from the quotes?
The quotes you got from the contractors can be highly helpful in several ways to proceed with the job.

In the first place, renovations are not every day jobs that you always engage in. Therefore, you might not know what they mean to your budget and efforts. As you go through the quotes given by different contractors, you will know if some jobs are going to rip your budget. In such case, you can prioritize the jobs you wish to do and remove the ones that might be extravagant or unaffordable. Ensure that the list of tasks you finalize will work out to 80% of the proposed budget so that you will have a comfortable margin of 20% to cover any unexpected expenses.

The other benefit of the quotes is they help you choose the right contractor. Before finalizing the contractor, get to know their accomplishments, reviews of the past customers and the price range. Once you choose the right contractor, the job is half done.

If it’s a renovation, remodel, or an addition type project, be sure you talk to a contractor that does only that type of work. Also choose a contractor that’s out on the job himself with his crew or ideally he’s a part of the crew himself. For instance, a company like Addition Doctors, the people you talk to about your project in the beginning will be the same people who will be out there making sure your job gets done correctly. Especially with renovation, remodel work, there are always issues that come up and having the boss out there on the job is critical.

Plan the necessary makeshift arrangements
During the renovation project, you might have to go for some alternative arrangements to continue with your regular routine like finding a makeshift or alternative bathroom or cooking place. Give a thoughtful approach to this aspect as your family must successfully be able to put up with the difficulties on the way till the renovation project is completed.

A planned and systematic approach to renovation can help you avoid the nightmare of the project and also get the best out of it without burning your pockets.