Is The Deck Builder In?

Your Friendly Deck Builder

What is it about custom decks – it seems like everybody has to have a deck of some sort at some point in their life. So it’s a good thing there’s still a deck builder around to complete a lot of people’s dreams. It is nice to be able to come right out the patio door with hardly any step down, a hot grill right there close by, waiting to offer you a ready-made hamburger, then slap it on a bun while the meat’s still hot so you can sit back in a leisure patio chair on the deck and enjoy life for the moment.

There are a lot of deck contractors out there, which isn’t a bad thing, but quite often what makes a deck have that WOW look and feel is how a custom deck is designed to fit the house, the yard, and landscape all together. Now most any builder should be able to put a deck together, but it’s nice also to be able to see at least a 3D mockup of what it’s going to look like ahead of time so you get a feel that the design is right before you throw a lot of hard earned cash at the project.

Now we don’t mind calling ourselves deck builders, but we like to also take the time to design the deck in a 3D model so that not only you can see how it will fit the area but it makes it easier for us to build the deck knowing that you’ve already signed off on how the look and feel will satisfy your liking.

Because a deck takes such a beating from the elements one of the things we like to do if the budget allows is to design and build a covered deck.  It not only adds life to your deck but it adds time you can spend on the deck.  When you start looking for a deck contractor come back here and post an inquiry on our contacts page.  We’d be glad to help you out.

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