Do Home Renovation and Remodel Mean the Same Thing?

When you wish to remodel or renovate your house, the objectives behind the decision can be many. In the first place, a well-planned and cleverly executed home renovation or remodeling project can enhance the comforts, looks and utility features and the resale value of the property. Nevertheless, you must approach the home renovation or remodeling in the right way to get the desired results and not lose your hard earned money unnecessarily during the process. Home renovation and remodeling are two popular terms we come across in a lot of articles, discussions and blogs on the internet. Strangely enough most people confuse these terms with each other and think they both mean the same thing. Here we try to understand the difference between the terms renovation and remodel.

What is common between them?
Both remodeling and renovation mean making some improvements over the existing property. Nevertheless, they are slightly different from each other in terms of what they imply.

Understanding home renovation
The term home renovation refers to restoring the home to a good state by attempting some repairs and rectifications. Poorly maintained buildings and dilapidated constructions will need renovation. Hence we might say renovation will mean resurrect a structure from its deteriorated state to a state of disrepair. There’s no better way to maintain and enhance the value of your home than by a renovation.

Often renovations can be subtle. They might mean either improving upon or repairing on the existing building or house. Sometimes, they can also be drastic or elaborate like a remodel. A project involving renovation will always refer to restoring or repairing a structure that is already existing. It means replacing the old one with a new one better in many regards.

Understanding home remodeling
Remodel will plainly mean changing the existing structure of something. When you look forward to embark on a custom home remodeling Boone IA, you are attempting to change the structure of the property. In case of a bathroom remodel Ames Iowa project, remodeling will mean repairing or updating it to enhance the functionality, features, comfort aspects or looks. Such a project will mean repairing or updating it. Remodels generally involve changing the appearance, function or structure of a segment or the whole of the given property. Remodeling in other terms will mean transforming a building or home.

Why must you know the difference?
When you embark on a home renovation or remodeling project, you must know the difference between these terms so that you have a good sense of clarity while approaching the various aspects of the project. When you interact with the addition contractor Boone IA, you will be able to communicate your expectations without any ambiguity. The costs associated with each type of construction are different. The knowledge about the difference between remodeling and renovation can help approach the home selling in the right way by phrasing your advertisement with the right words to attract the buyer.

Approach the home renovation or remodeling project in the right way
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