What Makes a Good Home Remodeling Contractor?

A Good Home Remodeling Contractor

I can’t vouch for all home remodeling contractors but a while ago I was needing to do some work on the main sewer drain line down in the basement going out of a house… and then the question came up “when’s not a good time to flush” or for that matter “what’s a good toilet to flush”, because there’s nothing worse than a toilet that doesn’t flush very well.  I know because I’ve had several – my goodness we have 5 stools in this house so it is kinda nice when they’re all working.

Bathroom Remodeler
Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Stool In Small Space

To be honest with you this home remodeler doesn’t remember what the names of the ones were that didn’t work – they’re long gone by now. I was remodeling a bathroom for a customer in the Slater area that kept me busy for several years with various projects, and when the question came up “what stool should we use?”  he insisted on a Toto stool, and he wanted the high rise model. I’ve got three of those now myself and I love them!

I then called one of the Ames plumbing supply houses and asked if they carry the Toto brand stool and he about hung up on this home remodeling contractor…”WE ONLY CARRY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS HERE”! So now you know this stool happens to be made in Japan – who knows, maybe the emperor’s family makes it, but it is a good one!

Well, I just gave it away because now whenever we remodel a bathroom of any kind we highly recommend the Toto brand stool as the stool of choice – why? Because it’ll flush down anything I’ve ever seen,  even a couple diapers that did get flushed down over at a neighbors but they then got caught down in the drain somewhere which brings up the rest of the story…I had to cut the line completely open to clear it out. And I told everybody not to use the toilet!  Well you know how it is when you… it’s such an automatic reaction to reach down afterwards and flip the handle!%#* Fortunately, I heard the water coming before it hit me and was able to get out of the way, but the next time this home remodeling company had better use cellophane to wrap over the lid so we can safely do the repair work below.

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