How To Get The Best From Your Home Remodeling Contactor

Working well with remodeling contractors Ames Iowa and getting the best out of the home remodeling project requires a diligent effort from the homeowner. This can ensure that the project is accomplished within the right time and the specified budget. Here are a few tips to get the best from your home remodeling contractor.

Get an itemized estimate
Never start the work until the planning is completely done with regard to the list of upgrades, materials and the list of accessories and fittings. Once the entire project is planned well, get an itemized estimate from the home remodeling Ames Iowa contractor. This will help both of you to share the same understanding regarding the scope of the project including the costing and the timeline.

Maintain a good communication
It is a good idea to be on the worksite and talk to the contractor on a regular basis either every morning or before they leave at the end of the day. Sometimes at the end of the day works best, then they can update you on the most recent progress. With your busy work schedule, it also works to make appointments that both of you can meet for a progress report from the contractor. You must have the contractor’s number and the permission to call or text them anytime there is a need. It is also a good idea to meet with the project leader every day to stay updated on the developments.

Maintain a project journal
Record the progress of the work as it progresses. Make note of the things you will want to ask the contractor. Jot down the ideas and points that come to your mind. List out any mistakes or issues that you might notice to be reported to the contractor. Make a note of the product order numbers and the upcoming delivery dates. Project journal can help keep the communications clear and can provide a written record of who said what and when to be able to solve the disputes if any during the progress of the works.

Make the payment only for the work completed
In the beginning of the remodeling project, make a schedule of payments and get it signed by the contractor. Addition Doctors has this written up in the contract so payment is made according to the progress. Your payment should be determined by the stages of work when certain aspects of the whole job is completed. Never agree for more than 10% upfront before the start of the work. Most contractors can get the supplies on credit and hence this need not be a problem for them.

Be a good customer
The best way to get the total involvement of the contractor is to maintain a good relationship with the General Contractors Ames Iowa who is working on your project. This will make them enjoy the work and give their best. Be decisive with the contractor and be prompt with the payment schedule.

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