Which is Better 3 Season or 4 Season Sunroom Addition?

Four Season Sunroom Addition


How was it he said that? “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” So here maybe it depends on what the meaning of ‘better’ is. Is cheaper better, or less cost better? Or is warmer in the winter better, is cooler in the summer better? Is being able to use a sunroom addition year around better?  Now if you ask 2 different general contractors their opinion, you’ll get two different answers so this is our experience.

Kitchen Sunroom Addition
Sunroom Addition For The Kitchen

Probably 95% of our work relating to a sun room has been either building a four season sun room, or changing a 3 season sunroom to a 4 season sunroom. One of the 3 season sun rooms we worked on as general contractors, but didn’t change to a four season sunroom, the owner sure wished they could use it in the winter time. We put in a four season sunroom addition ourselves and we spend most of our relaxing time out there. We begin the day there and end the day out there.

So in general this contractors’ experience has been that a 4 season sunroom is better even if better costs more, you soon forget about the cost when you can set there in the middle of the winter and look out at the cold and enjoy the nice view.

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